The Bridge of Sighs

OK, so I know that when you publish a photo in response to a Photo Challenge, you are only supposed to publish one photo, but honestly, of all the photos I have taken, these two are amongst my very favourites and it is impossible for me to choose between them. So, I have taken the liberty of sharing them both with you. 

The first was taken during a tour of the Doge’s Palace, Venice, during which we crossed the infamous Bridge of Sighs. Here, it is said, prisoners would get what was often their last view of La Serenissima. As I looked through one of the little “windows” I was compelled to take a shot, to try and capture Venice through a prisoner’s eyes, with the edge of the window being an integral part of the shot. 

Taken through a “window” in the Bridge of Sighs, Venice.

This second shot was taken from the edge of one of the numerous bridges across the Venetian canals. I was struck by the light of the sunset on the buildings and its contrasting beauty with the dark of the water. 




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