Dragonfly In The Morning

This morning, just as I do almost every morning, I stepped outside to walk the several steps along my drive to check whether there was any mail in the mailbox. It was a beautiful morning, the sun burning away the last of the dewy haze, with not a cloud in the sky to spoil the view. I had just stepped down from my front doorstep when a glorious dragonfly flitted by. I watched as it circled a while before it alighted on the antenna of my little VW Polo. “I wonder if I can get a shot of it?” I thought to myself. Stealthily (well, as stealthily as I could be in PJs and slippers!) I crept up to the car and walked around the back of it to try and get the shot. The sun was right in my eyes as I took aim, and if I had to remain there for any length of time, I’m sure I would have damned near blinded myself! Fortunately, my camera had no such issues, and it managed to capture the image of the glorious dragonfly, its gossamer wings glistening in the morning sun, with all the peace, beauty and tranquility I was hoping for. 

CameraZOOM-20160830104953017 (1)



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