Dappled Rose

The weather was somewhat torrid to say the least today. At times the sky was as a somber sheet of burnished steel; other times, it was hung with great swags of grey cloud, each one swollen with rain, getting heavier and heavier until, at last, their deluge was released. This evening, content with the drenching the earth below them, the clouds dispersed and glorious sunshine spread its dappled glow amongst the dripping flowers and trees. 

This gorgeous rose was almost hidden from view, but I could see that if I could expose it to the sunlight, I could perhaps capture its radiant beauty. Gently, I moved an overhanging branch out of the way, holding my breath lest I jeopardize the shot. Ultimately, I was forced to take the shot one-handed, as the branch would not stay out of the of its own volition. Nevertheless, I am happy with how it came out: a rose, dappled with sunlight and raindrops, its beauty shining clearly for all to see. 

A garden rose, dappled with sunlight and raindrops.



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