A Strange Kind of Light

We get some fantastic storms here in Belgium, especially when we’ve had a few days of soaring temperatures, such as has happened recently. Last night, as the clouds gathered and the wind picked up speed, it was clear that a summer storm was steadily brewing. Suddenly, I had cause to look outside. The sky had taken on the strangest hue, one that I had never seen before. It almost looked like the glow from a forest fire, the ever darkening clouds appearing as smoke. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to try and capture the light before it faded. There was an eerie stillness, the proverbial calm before the storm. It was at once disquieting and captivating. Mother Nature at her most hypnotic.

NB: I have not altered these images in any way, save for some minor cropping on the second image. The sky really was this colour! And the storm which followed was spectacular…it almost took out my TV! 





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