A Rare Beauty

Despite the fact that I love my garden, with its secluded solitude and peaceful tranquility, I am not the most green-fingered individual. Thankfully, my garden is well established, and, save for weeding the borders and mowing the lawn, there Β is not much for me to do. This is indeed a blessing – both for me and my garden – as I have a terrible track record of plants, well, dying on me. Honestly, I have an artificial Yucca plant in my office that looks as if it might just peg it any minute!Β 

The other day, I was walking around my garden, when I saw this strange, rare beauty. I say strange and rare for the simple fact that it was not in my garden last year. Nor was it there the year before. Nor, indeed, for the past five years that I have lived in this house! My guess is that a bird perhaps dropped a seed that germinated in the fertile soil. However it got here though, I am more than happy. It is a beautiful addition, and I for one could quite happily while away many an hour simply gazing at it!

A rare, mysterious beauty.



6 thoughts on “A Rare Beauty

  1. This made me smile, not just for it’s beauty, but because I almost posted a shot of this flower, one spotted in a town in France. πŸ™‚ What are the odds? However, I went in a very different direction. My m-i-l called plants like this that just showed up one year “volunteers.”


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    1. Oh my goodness, Janet! What a small world we live in! I love the fact that your m-i-l calls them “volunteers”. I have a few varieties of weeds that pop up from one year to the next. Maybe I should just tell them that we have enough volunteers! πŸ™‚


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